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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Special Curtains, Wallpapers, Window Films brought to you by Juhi Chawla! Household products that allegedly bring you health and happiness. If you want to buy into that range, you have to buy into the lies that people like Girish Kumar, Neha Kumar and Juhi Chawala are telling you. These individuals hold business interests in Wilcom, a company that produces table-top radiation shields, pocket radiation shields and special curtains, wallpapers and window films… Read More

Most of us are appalled to see children even as young as 4 and 5 years of age using cell phones. If you are a little technologically challenged, don’t be surprised if the little one teaches you how to maneuver through the menus and lists to get where you want. This is all fine, but aren’t many of us concerned on watching our young ones constantly glued to their phones? The lack… Read More

Modern life, though it comes with immense pressures, also has many advantages that were not present earlier. Just look at cell phones for example. Sure we managed just fine without them, but now that they have been with and among us for some time, it is hard to conceive life without them. In fact, landlines have almost become redundant now.Unfortunately, what also exists in our modern society is a lot of hypocrisy…. Read More

There is a lot of talk about how Cell Phone Towers produce deadly radiation. This completely wrong perception has reached a point that people now believe this radiation actually causes cancer! The truth however is rather different. And if anyone takes the trouble of actually investigating the matter scientifically, they will quickly find that this cell tower radiation causing caner bubble is an urban myth! Over the years, countless studies have been… Read More

We are surrounded by energy in our everyday lives. From the sun that shines, to the alarm clock that wakes you up, to the TV that you watch just before you go to sleep – they are all objects that emit energy in some form or the other. But it is vital to have a clear understanding of this phenomena to understand its impact on our lives. Energy emitted from various sources,… Read More