Cell Tower Radiation a MYTH


There is a lot of talk about how Cell Phone Towers produce deadly radiation. This completely wrong perception has reached a point that people now believe this radiation actually causes cancer! The truth however is rather different. And if anyone takes the trouble of actually investigating the matter scientifically, they will quickly find that this cell tower radiation causing caner bubble is an urban myth!

Over the years, countless studies have been conducted in this regard. Naturally, because cancer is after all one of the most dreaded and deadly diseases. However, any and all of these studies clearly demonstrate that the two forms of radiation that are in fact cancer-causing, are X Rays & UV Light (Ultra Violet). Because of the wavelengths of these types of radiation, they are able to break and rupture the chemical bonds of the human DNA, thereby leading to cancer. But the overriding truth that remains even in these scenarios, is that only prolonged or extended exposure to even these two types of radiations, causes cancer. We have have X Rays done when we fall ill. It doesn’t mean that we will all get cancer! We all love to spend time on sunny beaches. It doesn’t mean we all get cancer from the sun’s UV rays.

And while these two types of radiation can cause cancer; the radiation from Cell Phone towers doesn’t even figure, or qualify in the same category. Because to put it simply & bluntly, the radiation from the already high-mounted cell phone towers (that inherently ensures the radiation doesn’t even come in contact with the people much below them), is too weak to cause any real damage. This mild radiation is dissipated at a very tall height, where it is not contacting anyone. And even if by chance some residual radiation does come into contact with us, its much too mild to make any harmful impact.

Factual knowledge then, is the key to doing away with these negative myths. Cell phones have made our lives safer, not harmful.


Cell Tower Radiation a MYTH

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