Has Juhi Chawla Stopped Using Her Cell Phone?

Modern life, though it comes with immense pressures, also has many advantages that were not present earlier. Just look at cell phones for example. Sure we managed just fine without them, but now that they have been with and among us for some time, it is hard to conceive life without them. In fact, landlines have almost become redundant now.Unfortunately, what also exists in our modern society is a lot of hypocrisy. Double standards where people say and do things they don’t really mean. Where people don’t always practice what they preach. And speaking of cell phones; one such modern day myth that has been created around these life-saving devices is that the cell phone towers cause harmful radiation that is bad for health. What is even sadder is that while it has been conclusively and scientifically proven that the weak RF waves radiation from cell phone towers can’t possibly cause any harm to humans. These are the same radio frequency waves that we experience from our TVs and radios at home. That have been around us for decades now, and haven’t caused any harm. But some people continue to propagate lies and spread fear and panic. Why? Only because they stand to gain directly and monetarily from spreading these rumors. Professor Girish Kumar and his daughter Neha Kumar have been crusading the country, posing as activists who will save humanity from the evils of this alleged & totally made-up ills of cell phone tower radiation. And joining them and supporting them is a once much loved and respected actor Juhi Chawla. But the real motivation is what is truly shocking.

It is her husband Jay Mehta’s business interests that have compelled her to join these voices that are spreading lies about cell phone tower radiation being harmful, so that their own companies – Wilcom Technologies, Salora International and the like, can sell their anti-radiation products!

The title of a recently published article by the duo reads: Radiation from your cell phone MAY be killing you. Common sense will tell you that most of the facts stated cannot be proved since cell phones are too recent an invention to gather reliable historical data. The title itself contains the word MAY, and is a clear pointer of the still existing ambiguity.

The fact that all this is has been done only and only to profit, is becoming increasingly clear to everyone. Milind Deora, a member of the Lok Sabha was one of the many who was able to see through the conspiracy. He openly challenged Neha Kumar on Twitter.

What is even more revolting is the sheer & blatant hypocrisy that one sees.

How? That can be answered by one simple question.

Has Juhi Chawla stopped using her own cell phone? Since she claims they are so harmful, she should have been the first person to stop using this evil device completely right?

Well guess what, she has NOT stopped using cell phones!

Its a shameful conspiracy conveniently adopted to make profits. To make the rich become richer, while the common people of India, have to suffer from a man-made fear of a device that has exponentially improved our lives.

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Read my presentation on the issue on Slideshare

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