Radiation Wallpaper-The new Sunscreen? And Juhi Chawla the brand Ambassador!

Special Curtains, Wallpapers, Window Films brought to you by Juhi Chawla!

Household products that allegedly bring you health and happiness. If you want to buy into that range, you have to buy into the lies that people like Girish Kumar, Neha Kumar and Juhi Chawala are telling you.

These individuals hold business interests in Wilcom, a company that produces table-top radiation shields, pocket radiation shields and special curtains, wallpapers and window films that block out radiation.

Girish Kumar, Neha Kumar and Juhi Chawla have been advocating the evils of cellphone radiation. Maybe they should have checked on their facts and figures first. Many studies, including extensive research by the worldwide Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation(AGNIR) has stated “ the evidence overall has not demonstrated any adverse effects on human health from exposure to radio-frequency fields”. The only reason we might believe these 3 individuals is if they can prove that they are more knowledgeable than a group of the best scientists and doctors from around the world!

Doesn’t it all seem extremely convenient? Of course it is. The best way of selling a product is to create a need for it. And what better way of creating a need than to proclaim the product to be essential to your health and well-being!

Thats exactly what Girish Kumar, Neha Kumar and Juhi Chawla ave done for Wilcom. They are playing with people’s feelings and sensitivities and its important to stop them.

Girish Kumar the businessman has roped in Juhi Chawla the actress to form a mutually beneficial relationship. And the best part is that we as innocent citizens are their soft targets. They claim to be helping us, but they are really just using us for their own selfish gains! (Click here to view details)

Thats truly ironic. Wake up citizens of the world. Cellphone radiation is not what’s harming us. Its people like these that take advantage of the innocents that are the real villains here! Its almost as if for them, Radiation Wallpaper is the new Sunscreen… And Juhi Chawla the brand Ambassador!

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