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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  Telecommunications is the most important aspect of our lives today. In fact, communication is what has made the world as advanced and modern as it is today, thanks to the social, technological and economic advances it has brought about. And when something achieves such a magnitude of importance, it requires rules and regulations to help govern it and to help it grow and prosper. In India, the Department of Telecommunications or… Read More

  Carcinogen – A Substance that causes Cancer. Substances that give rise to cell mutations which lead to tumor growth and cancer. Carcinogens are all around you and awareness is the key to avoiding this fatal disease. Our environment and many other external factors contain the majority of such carcinogenic or cancer causing substances. These elements, such as exposure to radiation, and viruses can account for 80-90% of cancer causing substances. Our… Read More

Off late, I have been observing that a lot is being said in the media about radiation, cancer and EMF. Many articles are published blaming cell towers for causing hazardous effects on health. Most of them lack concrete scientific proof and are propagated by a few interested parties to spread fear among the public. Starting with this post, I shall publish a series of What and How, in order to bring more… Read More