Carcinogenic Elements – The What and How


Carcinogen – A Substance that causes Cancer. Substances that give rise to cell mutations which lead to tumor growth and cancer. Carcinogens are all around you and awareness is the key to avoiding this fatal disease.

Our environment and many other external factors contain the majority of such carcinogenic or cancer causing substances. These elements, such as exposure to radiation, and viruses can account for 80-90% of cancer causing substances. Our internal factors, including weak immune system, old age, change in lifestyle and hereditary susceptibility form the remaining causes for cancer. A report by the WHO has proven that 35% of carcinogenic substances are found in food and beverages, and 30% come from tobacco. Besides these major factors, The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has categorized various substances into groups:

  • Group A: Carcinogenic to humans
  • Group B: Likely to be carcinogenic to humans
  • Group C: Suggestive evidence of carcinogenic potential
  • Group D: Inadequate information to assess carcinogenic potential
  • Group E: Not likely to be carcinogenic to humans

This extensive list can be found online, to better educate yourself on possible cancer risks.

But there are also many substances and energy radiations that have received a lot of unwanted criticism, all thanks to ignorance. One such radiation is the energy emitted from cellphones. After extensive research many agencies including The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has quoted “Currently, there’s little or no evidence to suggest that cell phone usage is associated with brain tumors or any other adverse health effects in humans.”

The energy that is emitted from cellphones is a type of non-ionizing radiation. The WHO defines non-ionizing radiations as “radiation in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum where there is insufficient energy to cause ionization.” Which means that it causes no change in the elements around it, and therefor does not cause cancer.

Knowledge is the only key in our fight against carcinogens, and spreading lies about cellphones only hampers our lives.

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