Department of Telecommunications (DoT)


Telecommunications is the most important aspect of our lives today. In fact, communication is what has made the world as advanced and modern as it is today, thanks to the social, technological and economic advances it has brought about. And when something achieves such a magnitude of importance, it requires rules and regulations to help govern it and to help it grow and prosper.

In India, the Department of Telecommunications or the DoT is the governing body that looks into “Policy, Licensing and Coordination matters relating to telegraphs, telephones, wireless, data, facsimile and telematic services and other like forms of communications.”

Established on 11th April, 1989, the DoT was given multiple administrative and financial powers to administrate the various aspects of Telecommunications. This includes:

  • International cooperation with regards to telecommunications, and co-operation with other international telecom bodies such as International Telecommunication Union (ITU), its Radio Regulation Board (RRB), Radio Communication Sector (ITU-R), Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T), Development Sector (ITU-D), International Telecommunication Satellite Organization (INTELSAT), International Mobile Satellite Organization (INMARSAT), Asia Pacific Telecommunication (APT).

  • Promotion of standardization, research and development in telecommunications.

  • Promotion of private investment in Telecommunications

amongst other things.

Since Telecom is a major growth driver, the DoT has charted out a route map for India’s future in this sector. After all, India is is the fastest growing telecom sector in the world with more than 16 million subscribers being added every month. Further details can be found on the DoT website at –

The vision of the Department is to “empower the people of India by providing secure,reliable, affordable and high quality converged telecommunication services anytime, anywhere.



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