Rajasthan High Court Order on Cell Towers Takes Us Back To The Dark Ages

Some people have a need to spread lies and rumors. What they fail to realize is that not only does this induce panic, it can also result in official rulings that make it extremely problematic for large numbers of people to go about their everyday lives. And this is exactly what has happened in the case of The Rajasthan High Court’s September 2012 order to bring down 200 cellular phone towers.

While it has been suggested & alleged by a small minority of people that cell phone tower radiation causes health hazards; the overwhelming evidence that is factual, scientific and widely proven, says the exact opposite. From studies such as the CEFALO across Europe to the harmless RF Waves that cell phone towers emit being given a clean chit from leading experts the world over; none of this has been taken into consideration by the courts. And in a very sad turn of events, the judiciary seems to have relied on some malicious peoples’ equally malicious and completely made-up rumors.

In an age led by science and technology, the judicial system has relied on the exact opposite. The result, the removal of these cell phone towers has left millions without any cell phone network. And in an era where in our personal and professional lives, communication, largely done via cell phones, is indispensable; cell phone connectivity for the people of Rajasthan is almost non-existent. Its a very sad state of affairs.

Instead of moving forward and advancing, this single decision and ruling has turned back time and sent the people of an entire state back into the dark ages. How are they to communicate now? By using birds as messengers? When every shred of evidence evicts cell phone tower radiation; why the courts have not taken cognizance of this scientific data available from the most reliable experts in the public domain; is beyond any explanation.

The real sufferers, the people. Left high and dry and in a communication vacuum; they have been cut off in one deft stroke, and sent back to a bygone era of no communication. It is injustice, delivered by a sacred place that has taken people, facts, and justice itself, for granted!

Let us examine what this order is based on. It is based on rumors about how Cell Phone Tower Radiation can be harmful to human health. And for the sake of argument, let us now examine some widely proven, accepted, and acknowledged truths.

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