Wilcom, Salora & Juhi Chawla – One Big Family!

Its all about loving your family”. A tag line that is closely associated, not just with Bollywood, but holds true in real life as well. After all, especially in times of trouble, who can one count on, if not family?

Wilcom, the wireless communications company who has controversial Professor Girish Kumar’s anti-radiation activist daughter Neha Kumar as a Director; is in a similar situation with a company called Salora. It is all about one family member coming to the rescue of another family member. But like with most families, the relationships are a bit complex and must be understood first. Salora International is a company with various interests ranging from claimed ‘low radiation’ cellular phones to televisions. It is a company that is a behemoth and has in its fold, 9 smaller companies, amounting in total to a group that is worth nearly 300 million US dollars. Wilcom Technologies is largely funded by one snigle principal investor. And this investor happens to be Lusaka Properties Pvt Ltd, which is one of the 9 companies under the Salora Group.

So that is one connection that clearly establishes the link between Salora & Wilcom. Now the question of Juhi Chawla, who has become very active, almost suspiciously so, about cell phone tower radiation in her residential neighborhood of the upmarket Malabar Hill in Mumbai. She has been crusading the alleged ill-effects of high radiation, even taking legal recourse in the matter. Now it turns out that she is married to Mr.Jay Mehta, who is very closely associated with the Salora Group, and in turn Lusaka Properties, that has principally funded Wilcom.

Now, what emerges is a very clear and interesting picture of convenience and deceit. Wilcom and Girish & Neha Kumar have come under public and government scrutiny of late. Their claims of cell phone radiation being harmful have been conclusively negated, and that they were profiting directly from the sale of Wilcom Products, and their ‘activism’ against radiation, a ploy for ultimate profit, has been exposed. People have seen through the lies and the strategy. And it is to take the heat off this expose, and in a last ditch effort to lend some credibility to their concocted lies, that the family has called on Juhi Chawla, to join the campaign.

But peoples’ intelligence can not be insulted by assuming no one will be able to make these internal connections that unite Wilcom, Salora & Juhi Chawla as one big family. And while it is natural for family to come to one another’s rescue, in this case, the support is fraudulent, for a fraudulent cause.

View the presentation below for more:

One Comment on “Wilcom, Salora & Juhi Chawla – One Big Family!

  1. well if she’s endorsing this whatever product why is she getting radiation towers removed? What a joke. Just shut-up you business people. Don’t try to mess with our heads

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