Neha Kumar – Spamming Celebrities For Publicity


Neha Kumar is a qualified science graduate from the Anna University in Chennai. But while she may be well qualified, she has been using her advantageous academic background, not for good, but, to spread lies, be malicious, and, along with her father Professor Girish Kumar, profit their company, Wilcom Technologies. Someone with a good education must also have the courage to do good things. At least not do the opposite, by propagating false and horrible untruths about cell phone radiation, and on the back of those lies, profit by selling products that belong to her own company, on the claims that they will solve the ‘apparent’ radiation problem.

So what do these two people actually allege? They say that radiation emanating from sources such as Cell Phone Towers can be very harmful to humans, and it must be reduced at the source. And guess why they are saying this? Well because their own company, Wilcom, makes the products that are going to do this radiation at-source shielding. Isn’t it so obvious what’s going on? Here is a father-daughter duo that is just out to spread lies, so that people go and buy their products.

Worse still, to grab further attention and sensation in the media; Neha Kumar has resorted to some really cheap tactics. Aside from both people posing as some kind of activists who will save mankind from radiation; Neha Kumar has resorted to personally attacking and spamming celebrities and well known society people across social media! By misrepresenting movie scenes of such stalwarts as Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan, she is twisted vies on cell phone radiation and presented it in a manner that is false and totally fabricated.

People like this, unfortunately, can not be stopped. We live in a free country, and people have freedom of though & expression. But what we as intelligent aware individuals have is our own mind, and we must be able to see how fake and false Neha Kumar & her father Girish Kumar’s claims are. They should be spammed, not the celebrities they target.

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