Cell Tower Radiation Rumors Cause Panic


Did anything positive ever come out of a rumor? Probably not. The truth is, rumor mongering only leads to panic, disruption, and chaos. Suppose you were to be told that there was a natural calamity about to occur in your neighborhood, what would you do? Panic, and in that panic, loose all sense of logic and control. Being told about the truth of a situation is justified, necessary, and good. But to fuel rumors based on mere speculation; it can lead to anarchy.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what has happened in the case of Cellular or Mobile Phones. A device that has undeniably brought us quicker, faster, more convenient telecommunications; is under unwarranted threat of rumors. One in particular, that really endows this wonderful device and its technology, a completely untrue but negative image. And that rumor is that cell phone towers, can cause cancer!

Its a shame that we have come to this. We have let ourselves feed into a baseless rumor. A charge that has become fashionable party-talk. A phony allegation that may seem like interesting dinner conversation; but has for no rhyme, reason, or merit; induced panic about cell phones. Saying that the radiation (which is entirely weak & harmless Radio Frequency) from cell phone towers is cancerous, is really like saying that looking into the Moon could blind us. It is baseless to such an extent!

All one can do to guard against this kind of rumor-mongering, and prevent oneself and ones loved ones from falling prey & succumbing to these absurd perceptions; is to make up one’s own mind. That too, on the basis of sound research and fact-finding. As far as cell phone towers go, there are a number of acclaimed resources that tell the truth. One great resource is the American Cancer Society:


Let us be responsible citizens and not pay heed to unsubstantiated and concocted rumors. Let us take a scientifc, and well informed stand. Cell phone towers are harmless, and that’s just the plain truth of it.

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