Ample Proof That Cell Phone Towers DO NOT Cause Cancer


A lot of people have been rather hasty in jumping to a lot of derogatory conclusions and accusations about the alleged health risks from cell phone towers. While these suggestions of health risks from radiations emanating from cell towers have been made; to say that the rays are carcinogenic, and a definite call to cancer; is quite extreme. Why? Because there is simply NOT enough evidence to prove a conclusive link between cell phone towers & cancer; and inversely, enough proof that there is no direct or considerable proof that shows these radiations can be harmful.

Let us examine a few renowned studies/organizations/institutions that have carried out extremely thorough & well designed accurate researches and found that cell phone towers can not cause cancer.

  1. British Medical Journal Childrens’ Study:

Researchers, whose study was featured in theBMJ, analyzed the data of 1400 children younger than four years of age who had cancer affecting the blood, brain, or central nervous system. Their proximity to cell phone towers was investigated and the ultimate conclusion was that there was no link between the two.”, as written on The full piece can be read on

  1. Imperial College London’s School of Public Health’s Study:

A recent study by British researchers at Imperial College London’s School of Public Health has found that, despite widespread concern over the safety of cell phones, children born to mothers who lived near cell phone towers while pregnant do not have an elevated risk of cancer. The team examined nearly 2,000 cases of childhood cancer in Britain between 1999 and 2001, and found that there was no correlation between how close their mother lived to cell phone towers and incidence of cancer.” says Discovery News. The full piece can be found at

  1. Zee News:

  • “There is no conclusive scientific fact which can directly link cellular tower radiation with cancer. There are various other environmental risk factors also which could be responsible for increasing cases of cancer and authorities should look into it,” said Ajay Kumar, the sole Indian member on the World Medical Council

  • “Till the theory of the health hazards of cell phone radiation and towers gets a reliable backup of scientific proof, it would be highly unfair to censure the most wonderful technological advent of the 20th century for health risks and diseases as serious as cancer,” Ajay Kumar, a former president of the Indian Medical Academy, said.

In the face of such overwhelming scientific testimony that says Cell Phone radiation can not be cancerous; and immense lack of scientific data to suggest otherwise; its wise for us not to panic, not to falsify and exaggerate things, and not to deem cell phones and the technology; harmful.

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