Cell Phone – a weapon?

Isn’t it true that if you hit someone really hard on the head with your cell phone, in all likelihood, that person will sustain a big injury. It could even prove fatal! But is that because the cell phone is a weapon of mass destruction? Is it not also true that no matter what item you take in your hand; upon strong impact, it will hurt someone?

The point is rather simple. Just like a baby’s water bottle is a completely harmless thing that only serves as a convenience; a cell phone, at the end of the day, has made our lives exponentially more convenient. Our phones nowadays are our computers, our planners, our entertainment systems, our cameras; our constant and loyal companions. So when one hears absurd allegations like cell phone and cell phone tower radiation causing cancer, or causing harm to one’s health; its just really sad!

How many scientific tests and reports will it take to convince people that these radiations that emerge from cell phone technology are rather weak radio frequency that hardly have any energy at all! In fact, they are the very same waves are FM Radio. Surely if Radio, that has been around for decades, has not killed us; the humble cell phone won’t either!

Cell phone technology is made by responsible global organizations whose purpose is to alleviate our problems, not add to them. So unless we want to willingly and maliciously hurt someone with the brute force of our own bodies using our cell phones; by themselves, they continue to be totally harmless, immensely helpful items that have made modern life a tad more manageable, a bit more controllable. And that, is a very good thing!

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