No Cancer from Cell Tower Radiation says Scientific American

When we want to buy a car, we trust the opinions of the most widely accepted auto magazines. Similarly, in almost anything in life – be it movies, electronics, restaurants, doctors & hospitals even; we rely on the scientific knowledge, experience, and truth that a leading organization, individual authority, or journal/magazine to make our decisions. So why should it be any different when one hears all kinds of horrible rumors about cell phone tower radiation causing everything from cancer to brain damage? In fact, shouldn’t such serious charges be all the more reason to refer to known experts in the field, before accepting whatever one hears?

One such absolute & unquestionable authority is the American Scientific. The global standard for the precise truth when it comes to any & everything science. Its a journal with unmatched expertise & faith. And upon reading about the subject of Cell Phone Radiation, be it from the instruments directly, or from the transmitters mounted on Cellular Phone Towers; one quickly realizes that while it has been ‘suggested’ by many that these could cause cancer, there simply isn’t any hard evidence that proves this charge! To quote the magazine itself; The intensity of exposure is proportional to distance, and cell phones are held close to the brain, but many studies conclude that evidence of a cancer link is nonexistent. The sheer number of radio-frequency sources is not a concern either. Exposures “do not all add collectively at any one point in space,” says Jerrold T. Bushberg, head of health physics programs at the University of California, Davis. And average exposure is still far below safety standards, which have a large margin built in.

It is fair to conclude then that with reputable journals like the American Scientific ruling it out, and an increasing number of scientific studies from responsible & upright organizations & governments finding wealth of hard scientific evidence & data that categorically rules out these weak radiation waves being any health risk whatsoever; it is time that we stopped being so cynical, and enjoyed the myriad benefits of cellular phone technology.

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