Noida Authority to shift 300 mobile towers: A Regressive and Unresearched move!

So, Noida Authority has decided to relocate over 300 mobile towers away from densely populated areas in the city, in a bid to reduce the‘alleged’ health risks of exposure to radiation from these towers. The move will massively hit the mobile connectivity of humungous number of subscribers and disrupt their daily life in general. And all this is happening on the basis of ‘alleged’ health risks that have no study or research by authorized bodies to back it up.

What surprises me the most is that a decision of such big consequence has been taken without adequate research and deliberation, when there are studies by authorized bodies like WHO which oppose the whole cell tower radiation health risk claim.

And WHO is not alone. There are various other studies that say cell towers do not cause cancer. The radiofrequency fields (RF) from Cell Towers or antennas are mild and weak and so do not cause much damage to the DNA. The responsible government bodies really need to check this collection of research studies before making such hasty decisions:

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