TRAI dismisses fears about mobile towers imposing health hazards on people

Dismisses allegations that mobile towers are health hazards

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is the autonomous regulator of the telecommunications business in India. TRAI aims to create and nurture conditions for the growth of telecommunications in India to enable the country lead in the emerging global information society.

Earlier this month, TRAI dismissed the fears of mobile tower radiation posing threats to public health. It categorically stated that it conducted various studies across the country and the results of the studies did not corroborate the claim made by various dissenting voices, that of mobile towers causing health issues in people.

TRAI advisor SK Gupta, while addressing a meeting of major telecom service providers, stated, “There are 300 towers in Himachal and during the study conducted by TRAI no radiation was detected and the myth has been exploded.”

In the same meeting, he referred to the call drop and weak signal problem and stated that these call drops are due to the absence of adequate number of mobile towers, the solution of which is to increase the numbers and set up more towers to service the growing demand on mobile telephony.

The call drop problem has plagued users for the last couple of years. This problem was heightened due to the removal of several towers in Delhi over the last two years. Call drops are a menace not just for consumers, but for service providers since erecting cell towers is now becoming increasingly difficult. This lack of mobile towers has severely affected mobile call quality and has drastically increased call drop rates.

Minister of State, Ravi Shankar Prasad addressed the call drop issue and stated “If new mobile towers are not allowed to be installed, then call drops shall surely happen.”

We believe that for a better future and for a more “connected India”, more cell towers form the backbone of the infrastructure. With TRAI officially stating that mobile towers have no adverse effect on us we can rest assured.

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