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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures from mobile towers and their consequent health hazards have been the point of debate in the scientific community for a long time now. A 13-member committee constituted by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), cleared the air in a report on Monday. TRAI stated that after a detailed examination of 25,000-plus studies, ‘no conclusive evidence of adverse effect of EMF radiation’ on human… Read More

Telecom operators have added over 2,000 mobile towers in Delhi in the last three months to check the menace of call drops. According to an official in Department of Telecom (DoT), as many as 2,092 mobile sites (2G and 3G) have been added in Delhi service area in the past 12 weeks which has resulted in the call drop rate to come down considerably. Sharing data, the official said that Bharti Airtel,… Read More

Mobile phones have a life changing impact on our lives today. The mobile ecosystem has helped us stay connected with everyone and everything that matters to us. What makes this possible is a complex yet sophisticated and advanced technology and mobile infrastructure. Mobile towers have been under fire in the recent years. Various individuals and lobbies have alleged that they are the cause of serious ailments and impact our mental and emotional… Read More

The subject of mobile towers and EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation continues to generate debate among people. Unscientific allegations are being spread about mobile phones and mobile towers, that they cause negative health impacts on human beings, especially children. If we consider the vast body of scientific research on EMFs available today, one will have to take into consideration close to 30,000 studies from the last three decades. Although conducted by various independent… Read More

Is it safe to have Wi-Fi in the classroom? The short answer is: yes. For the long answer you will have to read the rest of this post. Let’s start with a common misconception. Wi-Fi is not a new technology; rather, Wi-Fi is a new twist on an old technology: transmitting information via the radio frequency (RF). Humans have been broadcasting radio and microwave transmissions across the planet for over a century. As… Read More