Mobile Tower Radiations Myth: “The Truth Unrevealed”

Mobile Tower Radiations Myth!

The electromagnetic radiations from the mobile towers have been speculated to cause adverse health effects. However, this is not the truth. It is the high energy radiation, commonly referred to as ‘ionizing radiations’ that has the potential to damage matter, particularly living tissues. The ultra weak radio frequency emitted by the mobile towers is thousand times weaker than these ‘ionizing radiations’ and have seen to have no serious health impacts.

A very small unit of energy called electron volts (eV) is used to measure radiation. While the X-rays have an energy level of the order of 100 eV to 1 lac eV, Ultraviolet has an energy level of around 100 eV or less and the visible light is of the energy level of about 1 eV, the radio frequency radiations from the mobile towers and the phones are in the range of one-thousandth to one-millionth of an eV! Thus, the mobile tower ‘radiations’ is lakhs of times weaker than X-rays or UV rays or even the normal visible light. Hence, they are classified as ‘non ionizing radiations’. To add to it, the power density received on the surface of the earth from the sun is in the range of 250-1,000 watts per square metre. As against this level, with which we are all comfortable, the radio frequency radiation from mobile towers is a hundreds of times lower. Therefore, there is no cause of alarm with regard to the possible ill-effects on human health by electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from the cellphone towers.

Though India’s EMF guidelines are based on the WHO-commissioned ICNIRP’s (International Commission for Non Ionizing Radiation Protection) norms, which are followed by many countries worldwide, it has reduced its (ICNIRP) limits to one-tenth in 2011, thus becoming one of the safest countries. Also, The Indian Council of Medical Research, the apex body in India for the formulation, coordination and promotion of biomedical research, clarified that there is no scientific evidence indicating that the usage mobile phones can cause mental or physical disease.

Dr. Bhavin Jankaria, President at Indian Radiology and Imaging Association, said,

“We have been using X-ray radiations for more than 115 years, and we still haven’t been able to establish the relationship of cancer and radiation to any great extent. And the mobile tower radiation is inherently a type of radiation that we believe does not produce any kind of significant harm to humans.’’

The scientific evidences say it all. In fact, the radio-frequency “radiations” from mobile towers are nothing to consternate. However, some vested interests are spreading rumours amongst the less informed quarters of the society. This has seriously hampered the prospects of  Digital India. The dearth of adequate number of mobile towers is one of the reasons for deteriorating quality of mobile services in the country. Therefore, the need for more and more towers and quality infrastructure is increasing exponentially in the present age of high demand for data and mobile internet service. We need to understand more and fear less.
The “ultra-weak radio frequency emissions from mobile towers” is something not to be feared of.

The original article was written and published by Vivin Mitra of GizmoManiacs. Read the original article here.

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