Is mobile tower radiation harmful? We find the answer for you!

Every piece of technology has its pros and cons. And that leads to the rise of rumours, and in turn the facts get buried under the dearth. Over the last couple of years, the mobile network technology has advanced from just being able to make calls to supporting blazing fast speeds + crystal clear sound. But no matter how advanced it is today, it’s growth has had speculations that it harms us and rumours afloat that its not safe for us.

But have those rumour-mongers ever tried to understand the technology and read the facts before speculating and spreading the rumours? No!

So let us help you find the answer and also support it with what the industry experts and health leaders are saying:

“Mobile tower radiation is inherently a type of radiation that we believe does not produce any kind of significant harm to humans.” – Dr. Bhavin Jankaria, President at Indian Radiology and Imaging Association.

According to tests and research by various radiology institutes and associations across the world, X-rays have associate energy level of the order of 100 eV to 1,00,000 eV, UV has associate energy level of around 100 eV or less and whereas light is of the energy level of about 1 eV, the radio frequency radiations from the mobile towers and the cellular phones are in the range of one-thousandth to one-millionth of an eV. That’s a fraction of what can be considered has harmful waves or radiations.


Also what’s interesting is the fact that the emission levels in our country are 1/10th of the global standards recommended by ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) and recognised by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

And don’t think that our government is sleeping on this speculated issue. Government of India has formed special cells called Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring (TERM) cells to closely monitor mobile towers in the India. These cells not only regularly monitor the towers but also perform random checks to make sure all the norms issued by the government are being followed. TRAI Principal Advisor Suresh Kumar Gupta states, “The EMF penalty norm that has been set by the Department of Telecom (DoT) as on November 2013 levies a penalty of Rs 10 lakh per tower site per telecom service provider if they fail to comply with the set standards.

So when the Government of India, World Health Organisation, and many other reputed bodies are assuring and keeping a check on the myth of Mobile Towers – Electromagnetic Field (EMF) that harm us. It’s time we believe in the facts and stop speculating that mobile tower radiations are harmful for us. In the end, I’d like to state and standby #SafeMobileTowers.


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