India among nations with most stringent EMF norms

Telecom secy says unfounded apprehensions around electromagnetic field emissions can derail growth story

The department of telecommunications has taken it upon itself to address concerns raised by many activists and groups on the health hazards emanating from electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions from mobile towers.

Telecom Secretary J S Deepak has been organising awareness programmes across the country to educate municipal corporators, doctors and residents’ welfare associations that India has among the most stringent EMF norms in the world.

JS Deepak
Addressing members of government and medical fraternity at an event in Mumbai, J S Deepak categorically said consumers cannot access mobile telephony services without mobile towers.

He said: “Telecom towers are critical installations on which the backbone of wireless communication rests and unfounded apprehensions around EMF emissions have the potential to derail our growth story.

Broadband penetration is directly connected with the rate of growth of any economy. Citing statistics, Deepak said that a 10 percentage points increase in broadband access leads to an increase in per capita GDP by 1.38 per cent. India is still a digital have-not compared to many other countries but in the next few years, India will add over 300-400 million broadband subscribers. Most of these will be mobile broadband users. And if people have to be part of a 24/7 network then mobile towers will have to be allowed in streets, residential buildings and public places.

Read the original article here.

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