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Telecom secy says unfounded apprehensions around electromagnetic field emissions can derail growth story The department of telecommunications has taken it upon itself to address concerns raised by many activists and groups on the health hazards emanating from electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions from mobile towers. Telecom Secretary J S Deepak has been organising awareness programmes across the country to educate municipal corporators, doctors and residents’ welfare associations that India has among the most… Read More

Dismisses allegations that mobile towers are health hazards The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is the autonomous regulator of the telecommunications business in India. TRAI aims to create and nurture conditions for the growth of telecommunications in India to enable the country lead in the emerging global information society. Earlier this month, TRAI dismissed the fears of mobile tower radiation posing threats to public health. It categorically stated that it conducted… Read More

Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the invention of the Telephone, one of the most important inventions in modern history. But when it comes to cellular phone technology, no one person can stake claim on its invention. Cellular phone technology evolved over decades, with various scientists contributing to the process.

  Did anything positive ever come out of a rumor? Probably not. The truth is, rumor mongering only leads to panic, disruption, and chaos. Suppose you were to be told that there was a natural calamity about to occur in your neighborhood, what would you do? Panic, and in that panic, loose all sense of logic and control. Being told about the truth of a situation is justified, necessary, and good. But… Read More

Most of us are appalled to see children even as young as 4 and 5 years of age using cell phones. If you are a little technologically challenged, don’t be surprised if the little one teaches you how to maneuver through the menus and lists to get where you want. This is all fine, but aren’t many of us concerned on watching our young ones constantly glued to their phones? The lack… Read More