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India needs to embrace and harness wireless communication technologies to become the most developed nation in the coming decades, telecom secretary JS Deepak said. “Whether India grows at normal pace or it actually leapfrogs to become one of the most developed nation in coming decades, will inter-alia depend on how we embrace and harness wireless communication technologies,” he said at at the inaugural session of a public outreach and awareness programme on electromagnetic… Read More

Radio frequency radiation from mobile towers and phones is minuscule—one-thousandth to one-millionth of an eV! It means mobile tower radiation is lakhs of times weaker than X-rays or UV rays, even visible light. Radiation. The very word is like a bell tolling—ringing in irrational concern and conjuring images of Chernobyl or Fukushima. So, when we hear of mobile tower antennas transmitting radio frequency radiation, concerns arise in the common man. Luckily, nothing… Read More

Dismisses allegations that mobile towers are health hazards The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is the autonomous regulator of the telecommunications business in India. TRAI aims to create and nurture conditions for the growth of telecommunications in India to enable the country lead in the emerging global information society. Earlier this month, TRAI dismissed the fears of mobile tower radiation posing threats to public health. It categorically stated that it conducted… Read More

Read the below piece by Dr K.S. Parthasarathy, (Former Secretary of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) which exposes the facts & myths abut the cell tower radiation. It addresses some of the ‘greatest’ fears amongst the masses related ‘Cell Tower Radiation,’  with some of the most authentic research studies that people aren’t aware of. Check this out:

So, Noida Authority has decided to relocate over 300 mobile towers away from densely populated areas in the city, in a bid to reduce the‘alleged’ health risks of exposure to radiation from these towers. The move will massively hit the mobile connectivity of humungous number of subscribers and disrupt their daily life in general. And all this is happening on the basis of ‘alleged’ health risks that have no study or research by authorized bodies… Read More

Most of us are appalled to see children even as young as 4 and 5 years of age using cell phones. If you are a little technologically challenged, don’t be surprised if the little one teaches you how to maneuver through the menus and lists to get where you want. This is all fine, but aren’t many of us concerned on watching our young ones constantly glued to their phones? The lack… Read More